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An Eventful Summer and An Entremet

31 Aug

This year has been amazing. It truly has been a wonderful summer up till now with bountiful sunny days filled with warmth, glow, happiness and christian songs. I love the fact of venturing out to downtown and English Bay to see the beautiful scenery and it’s lushness. The weather this year in comparison with the last couple of years is quite a contrast. Unlike the haze Vancouver has been getting over the past few years due to forest fires, it is actually crystal clear with blue skies. Summer always involved berry picking and afternoons at Emma Lea Farms. Emma Lea or Krause will always be special to me as it is away from the city and as a result very peaceful and tranquil. To make it even more special, I had my friends two kids, Polly and Terrance with me. We went strawberry picking and I went blueberry picking there. Polly is such a sweetheart. Her sweet, vibrant and feisty personality always fills me with joy. I have know the little girl eversince she was 6 mths old and I thank God everyday or every moment for blessing me with this little girl.

This summer also marked my branching out into FB marketplace where I sold my passion too and thus far I am enjoying it quite a bit. I am excited about upcoming events where I get to showcase my passion. I finally had some time to make a cake again and as a result of my labours here it is!!!

White Chocolate Mousse Cake w/ Strawberry and Pistachio Insert with a layer of Pistachio Crunchy and Pistachio Chiffon

White Chocolate Mousse (Doubled the recipe)

200 g White Chocolate
2 Eggs
40 g Sugar
4 g Gelatin sheet
240 ml Cream

Pistavhio Cremeux

6 g Gelatin
188 g Cream
59 g Milk
125 g White chocolate
100 g Pistachio paste

Pistachio Crunchy Insert

75 g Wafer Crumbs
25 g Toasted Pistachio
100 g White Chocolate

Strawberry Insert

370 g Strawberry Puree
95 g Sugar
8 g Pectin NH

Results: Spectacular.

Flakiness and creaminess of Mille Feuille

18 Sep

So I was looking around for things to throw together and what have we here?  I’ve have some remaining puff pastry frozen in my freezer.  A leftover piece from pastry class.  Well…I immediately knew what to do with this puff pastry.  Amazingly puff pastry freezes well.   All you need to do was to defrost the pastry roll it out into a rectangle and pretty much bake it.In this case I did.  I defrosted mine.  Rolled out the puff pastry to an even thickness and trimmed off the edges.  Once the dough was rolled out to a even thickness, I pricked the dough with a fork.  I then placed the dough in the fridge allowing the butter to firm up again and at the same time allowing for the dough to relax.  Baked it at high temperature.  It was cool to see the dough rise; a key for successful puff pastry making.  Once cooled I trimmed of the edges again and measured its width for cutting.

As seen here, I have divided it into 4 sections for alternating layers of custard and puff pastry.   Pastry cream was poured onto the first layer and second mille feuille layer was added on top.  The pastry cream recipe can be found here https://evasbakingpassion.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/magic-of-puff-pastry/.   Both cream and pastry were alternated until all was done.  The edges was then cleaned with a spatula for a refined clean look.

Next was the decorations.  Mille Feuille would often be seen at bakeries around town decorated with a fondant icing; however, I am not much of a icing person and preferred mine with fruits.  Hence I decided to use the vibrant colours of strawberries and pistachios to contrast the creamy colour of the custard and pastry.  I sliced up some strawberries and arranged them on the pastry and then sprinkled some pistachios on top as a garnish. 

Note:  I found that the puff pastry once filled with fresh custard does not last long. Meaning the pastry itself will loose its lightness and flakiness once the custard was added on.  Thus as a suggestion, eat it while fresh and don’t allow it to sit too long.  Nonetheless, both the strawberries and pistachios added a subtle sweetness and freshness to a light pastry while providing a beautiful colour contrast.


In order to make butterflies, use the remaining puff pastry cut which are left over and press together.


  • Do not knead the puff pastry or you will loose layers
  • Do not roll dough too thin
  • When rolling the dough to make butterflies roll out on sugar instead of flour.
  • Rest dough before baking.

Roll out the puff pastry again and then fold the dough in half.   You will get 2 halves and in the separate halves fold them again like a letter 1/3 until reaching the half way mark.  Repeat again on the other side.  Once done fold both halves together like a book and press together.  Slice out the butter flies, arrange them and allow dough to rest.
Here was how mine looked like when baked.   The browning was the sugar.  Overall taste was light and sweet with the added crunch of the sugar.

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