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Steveston Doughnuts and Birthday Cakes!!!

15 Aug

Whew, what a weekend and week thus far!!!  Busy, busy..

First all congrats to all the Canadian athletes who represented Canada at the London 2012 Olympics. ImageYou did us all proud.  It was an amazing 17 memorable days filled with excitement, exhilaration and happiness.   The Olympics were  full of recording breaking moments such as Phelps becoming most decorated Olympian  of all time with 22 medals, Usain Bolt winning gold medals in both 100, 200 relays and not to mention, Ye Shiwen the 16 yr old swimming wonder. Whoot whoot.  Yes… I am an Olympics Fan.  Sniff sniff but where there is happiness there is also despair Canadian 4×100…it’s unfortunate but you did great,carried the weight and did Canada proud.  Soon it will be the Paralympics yay!!!

Aside from the Olympics and me playing couch potato…I  finally found enough energy from the Olympics daze to chase summer again.  First stop mini doughnuts.  Summer will not be the same without mini doughnuts.  A high school friend posted some cool photos of a quaint little place in Steveston called the OutPost.  The photos were so attractive and appealing and I could not resist tempation alas I succumbed…weak….:(; thus drove down to beautiful Steveston to feed my addiction.  Addiction to little doughnuts.  MMMMM….nothing could be any better than fresh hot little doughnuts.  Melt in your mouth goodness.   They have several kinds and you can mix and match them.  Sure you can get them Mini Doughnuts at PNE but IMHO, these are far more better.  There was no baking soda after taste.  The store is quite charming as well as it is early 1900’s themed.  One could get quite cozy as they lounge in the little lounging area; sipping on a lemonade while munching on doughnuts.  

Birthday Cake

This week was my friends birthday.  As always I was thrilled that he had asked me to do his cake but even more surprising to me was that he wanted a cake I had previously made.  It was the German Cheesecake that he wanted.  I guess it struck quite an impression on him that he wanted the same cake.  Recipe can be found here https://evasbakingpassion.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/friends-anniversary-hectic-pastry-week-4.   Well to say the least I wanted to make it a bit more special and different.  Thus I decided to add spun sugar and gold flakes as a decoration.

I first baked the cake and then glazed the cake with neutral mirror glaze.  I then roasted some coconut and gently patted the coconut onto the sides.  The cake smells like roasted mmmmmm….As the second step to assembling the decorations, I used mangos, nectarines and kiwis to yield a subtle yet colourful canvas.  I first cut the mangoes into strips width wise and arrange them in a way that served as an outline of the cake.   I then arranged the nectarines and kiwis in a way that resembled a pinwheel.  Alternating nectarine and kiwi.  Next was the spun sugar.

Making Dry Caramel-This Caramel has no water

1.  Sugar

2.  Pot

3.  Sheet Pan

Cook the sugar in pot at medium heat stirring constantly until sugar melts and turns a light amber colour.   Once the sugar is changing colours reduce the heat as the temperature will rise quite fast.  Test the colour of the caramel by lifting it into the light.    When a golden amber  to dark golden amber colour is achieved, turn off heat.  Use a fork and dip it into the sugar and drizzle fast over a sheet pan to get the spun sugar effect.  Sugar crystalizes once it cools onto the sheet pan.  Once the sugar is cooled, gently shape it into a ball.  For me, I used the spun sugar as an added decoration more visually appealing.  The benefits of spun sugar is that light reflects of the sugar and makes the cake more eye catching.  I then finished off the decoration with edible gold leaves and voila.  Happy Birthday Mihai. 

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