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Baking Class-La Passionata

26 May

Time has really flown by as the weather is warm and sunny again. Birds are in the air, magnificent and vibrant flowers are blooming and the garden is flourishing….ahhhh summer is around the corner. Vancouver has been blessed these days with gorgeous sunny sky and picturesque sunsets filled with magenta hues. I just love the coming summer as the days are longer allowing me to venture out longer and enjoy the beauty Vancouver has to offer.

I have been busy this year with work, classes and BAKING!!! Kind of exhausted to say the least as I have been baking non stop for the last few weeks but I have been enjoying it every minute. PASSION is the word!!! In an effort to learn more, I recent took up another cake class from Mon Paris Patisserie out in Burnaby. There is something about baking classes as I really love taking them. Perhaps it is the eager anticipation of the finished product and the eating of it :). Yes it is a mousse cake but a gorgeous cake. Moist and delecate, soft and creamy, the cake is to die for.


La Passionata


250g eggs
180 g brown sugar
90 g honey
250 g flour
10 g baking powder
220 g melted butter

Mango Brunoise

330 g mango
150 g passion fruit puree
1 vanilla bean
36 g sugar
5 g pectine
2 g citric acid or lemon juice


60 g egg whites
25 g sugar
40 g water
130 g sugar


285 g passion fruit puree
1 vanilla bean
50 g sugar
30 g cornstarch
70 g cacao butter
45 g white chocolate
255 g meringue
850 g cream
42 g gelatin mass

White Chocolate Glaze

75 g water
150 g glucose
150 g sugar
100 g condensed milk
70 g gelatin mass
150 g white chocolate

Results: This is a very beautiful cake. Light and refreshing. It has the tang of the passionfruit. A keeper!!!

Lemon Meringue Tartlettes

3 Mar

Wow, finally some good weather after a couple days of rain and dampness.  In light of the better weather, and the fact that it’s the weekend I decided to make some tarts.  With the extra meyer lemons I found lying around in the fridge, I decided to make lemon meringue tartlettes.

I have been learning about Italian Meringue and used it in the macaron baking but decided to use it in the lemon meringue pie.  We used it in pastry school and in my opinion found that it was less likely to seep out sugary water after baking or blow torching.  Yes, blow torching, guess that is the new convenient thing to caramelize sugar these days.

I first started out with the shell using a pate sable crust.  I altered the recipe a bit and instead of using the full amount of flour recommended by Le Cordon Bleu found on this link.  I substituted 2/3 of the flour for roasted coconut.  I found the nuts added richness and complexity to the recipe.  Next I made the filling and instead of using lemons, I opted for myer lemons.  They could be found at any supermarket.  Myer Lemons were a cross between lemons and mandarins and tend to be less sour and more floral.  Once done, I poured them onto the cooled tart shells.


Next I prepared the meringue…I was quite disappointed that I got side tracked with something else as I let the sugar syrup cool when beating the egg whites that it crystallized when hitting the cooler bowl.  I’ll remember next time to pour it in when it was warmer.  The purpose of the sugar syrup was to cook the meringues and perhaps stabilize them a bit.  Nonetheless, I still piped it out and broiled it to caramelize the meringue topping.


I did not included the recipe for this tart as you could find recipes on lemon meringue pie anywhere.

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