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Little Genoa Loaves

1 Jun

I finally had some time to read over a book which I bought a while ago. Its called, “Cooking with Chocolate.” An amazing book, it was filled with detailed instructions and hints as to how the passionate home baker can home in their skills. In addition, the book houses countless recipes from distinguished pastry chiefs and chocolatiers from Paris. Hevin, Michalak and Adams to name a few. As I flipped through the pages, I found a charming recipe on genoa cake. This recipe used marzipan and chocolate to sweeten the concoction.

The trick to making the genoa cake is by making a sabayon with the eggs first. This can be achieved by placing the eggs over a baine marie. The temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. Once the egg sabayon reaches 50 C remove from heat and incorporated the marzipan. As a tip from the author, chop the marzipan into bits and warm it up thereby making it easier to beat the eggs and marzipan into a smooth mixture. Next add the dry ingredients and lastly add the melted chocolate and butter. Bake them at 325 for approximately 14 minutes for small cakes.

Chocolate Genoa Loaf

75 g milk chocolate
3 tbsp butter
1/3 cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
160 g almond paste
3 eggs
2 tsp anise flavored liquor
70 g pearl sugar or coarse sugar grains


Result: I found this cake quite light, moist and enjoyable. It was not too sweet and the almond paste certainly added to the flavour of the cake. I had used pearl sugar this time but will use sanding sugar next time. As an alternative, individuals could add apples to it as well to bring it up a notch. Bon Appetit!!!

Cupcakes and Cakes

7 Feb

Yayyy!! Another long weekend :). Work was zzzzzzzzzz need I say more???? Shhhhh…but don’t tell them.  If there was anything that depicted my mood to a perfect T would be the Peanuts comic labelled, Snoopy and the work week.


Stereotypical wasn’t  it?  Lively as a buzzing  bee on the weekends but as Monday rolled  around and the week painstakingly progressed with me comatosed from boredom, I felt like asking people to hurl a lightning bolt at me putting me out of misery.   Soon the light again was at the end of the tunnel, TGIF!!   The cycle repeats itself over and over again….In some way, as funny as it seemed, we are all in the same boat.   C’mon admit it, no shame in doing so, ha ha.

Sarah's CakeAnyways,  it was the long weekend, thus decided  to bake some cupcakes and a cake.  I recently had the opportunity to help out with my friends mom’s birthday cake…. errrr…that was help create a mess, waste time and eat the cake.

Yup, yup, I was very helpful that I deserved a gold star in my helpfulness mmmm….hmmmm…. 🙂  Anyways, my friend was cake Godess .   She created an amazingly elegant Carrot Cheese Cake with whitDSC_0173e chocolate cream cheese buttercream; therefore, to emulate her, I decided to make a carrot cake myself.  Well… actually I already made the marizipan carrots for it already so ha!!!  That will motivate my lazy ass.

Actually I decided to make two versions of cupcakes this weekend being its the long weekend and all.

The first cupcakes I made were Chocolate Cupcakes.  I followed a recipe from Jamie Oliver and have always liked the results  I found the cake quite moist and light with a orange taste due to the orange zest incorporated.  As an addition, I wanted to try something different, I made some caramel with some cream I had, and cut out the cupcake’s top with a melon baller.


I also made some coconut ganache so I had some chocolate cupcakes with a coconut filling.  Milk and Dark Chocolate Ganache was piped on the top and touched up with roasted coconut and pink pearls.

The next cupDSC_0181cakes I made were Carrot Cupcakes.  I followed Ina Garten’s recipe for the carrot cupcakes except I soaked the raisins in rum….yum yum.  I also roasted the walnuts for more flavour.  Over all I found the cupcakes quite light and fluffy.  Course I made sure to beat the sugar and eggs until they were fluffy and light in colour prior to adding the oil.  I also reduced the sugar by 1/2 cup.   DSC_0188Nonetheless, the outcome was quite nice, light and not too sweet.

With the cupcakes cooling, I made the white chocolate cream cheese buttercream and decorated them.  As a final touch, the little marzipan carrot was then placed on top and voila little carrot cupcakes.

Components of  White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream

  • White Chocolate
  • Cream Cheese
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Lemon Juice

Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration and the recipe for the buttercream recipe.

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