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Macaron Madness 2-Pierre Herme Ispahan Macaron

19 Jun

I have always been a fan of fruit. Summer always excited me as it’s fruits galore season. What made my tummy sing were lychees and mangoes ahhhh!!! To my hearts content, I decided take on Pierre Herme again. I had a profound fondness for macarons and they always tug at my heart strings. A Parisian friend of mine raved about Herme’s wonderful rose macaron. Finally I had his book, Macarons. Herme, to me, was undoubtedly the King of Macarons. I literally drooled over the stunning photographs and couldn’t take my eyes of The Ispahan macaron as it jumped out at me. The exquisitely sweet floral combination of rose, raspberry and lychee had my lips smacking everytime I thought of it. Atlas my knees got weak but boy did my heart sing. They were such beautiful and delightful morsels with a crunch and a chew.

For the first step, rose colouring was added to the macaron mixture. I then made the jelly. While the recipe called for raspberry jelly, I opted for strawberry puree. To make square jellies, I settled on silicone molds to form the jelly first and then sliced them. Silicone molds were so verastile. Once the jelly was set, I assembled them on the macarons. The lychee rose ganache came next. Herme suggested canned lychees, I supposed for a stronger flavour, I used lychee puree instead. Cream was then boiled. The puree and rose extract were then added. The ganache would not be perfect without white chocolate.

So pretty, once they were assembled!!! One taste, had me coming back for more like Oliver. It was a delicious combination; delicately balanced as well.






Ispahan Macaron(adapted from Pierre Herme)

300 g almonds
300 g icing sugar
110 g egg whites
4 g approx. strawberry food colouring ( I chose to use Rose food colouring)
4 g approx. carmine red
300 g caster sugar
75 g water
110 g egg whites
NoteYou will get better volume with old egg whites as the proteins are more relaxed.

Raspberry Jelly
420g raspberries ( I opted for strawberry puree)
35g caster sugar
2 leaves of gelatin weighing 2 g each ( I used about 4 sheets as jelly did not set for me)

Lychee and Rose Ganache
410 g White chocolate (I used Valhrona and Callebaut)
400 g lychees-preserved in syrup (I used lychee puree)
60 whipping cream
3 g rose essence (I used rose extract)

To finish
100 g granulated sugar (I used red sanding sugar)
or Edible ruby glitter

As for extra shells, I used raspberry jam as filling to make raspberry macarons. I encourage you all to try Herme’s macaron recipes you won’t regret it :).

Refreshing Mango and Lychee Pudding: A Light Summer Treat

7 Jun

The sun was loving Vancouver again and I’ve been enjoying my days and evenings around the beaches. The city was in full bloom with honey sweet fragrant roses, aromatic fruit, adorable ducklings and baby bunnies. The beaches were once again packed with people basking in the warm weather. As I strolled around the sea wall one evening, to my amazement, I saw puffs of white fluff resembling snow, gently quietly float down from the trees. My fingers grasped one of them and noticed they were seeds with a white plume protecting it. Looking back again a picture came across my mind, it was like Christmas in June. The dark evergreens provided an amazing contrast to the white plumes, like snow flakes in a forest as they gracefully danced their playful dance in the crystal clear blue sky.

DSC_0364The beautiful warm weather brought me happiness and I decided to take full advantage of natures bounty. As fan of warm weather as it signaled late evenings and beautiful sunsets; better yet I imagined I was in fruit and ice cream land. Pining over mangoes for a few weeks now, I decided to make mango pudding. I have always longed for the sweet succulent nostalgic fruit and the slightest thought of it sent my mouth watering like a hose. My tastebuds sung at every last bite of the tropical sweet fruit. Instead of using canned puree, I decided to make it from scratch; a decision I have not regretted at all since mangoes were ripe. I pureed them with a blender first and then soaked the gelatin in cold water. When the gelatin was soaking, I boiled some milk and cream and then incorporated the softened gelatin in turn. The milk mixture was then combined with the pureed Mangoes and poured into copper molds. Wow, the flavour was amazing. Nothing beats fresh pureed mango pudding in its own sweet juices without sugar.

DSC_0365Another favorite fruit of summer was Lychee. For me, preference was towards the green variety over the red variety as I found them more sweet and light. As I finished the mango pudding, I decided to capitalize on sweet floral fruit by making it into a pudding as well. I had some Le Boiron puree. Once the lychee puree was thawed, I proceed to cut up some fresh lychees for the pudding. Nothing beats a light refreshing dessert for warm weather. Another alternative I though of was using strawberries or coconut, it will contribute to an exotic light dessert.

Fresh Mangoes
Gelatin (I used sheets)

Enjoy and have good weekend all.

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