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Citron and Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake

5 Mar

I am back at making sweets again but I am also considering posting some savories on the blog as well. What is the reason you might ask? Well for one I don’t want to pass on an impression that sweets are my only diet. Nonetheless when I started this blog I began with the quest to master my baking and photography skills. Well needless to say, I think that I have come a long way in baking. My photography has improved as well as a few of my posts have graced the blogging community thankfully. Thus I am at an crossroads do I make more sweets? I really like baking and the creativity of it. When baking I am immersed in the world of flavours and colours and each creation is like peeling back a peel of onion revealing a bit more about the masterpiece. Each creation is on a journey with me through the years. I am grateful my blog has reached numerous parts of the world and the blogging community. Perhaps another blogging site for savories. Thank You All!!!!

Now to the main topic, I have been flipping through recipe books again. As I am Asian, I decided to make something with Asian influence or befitting the Asian palate. I bought a book titled Top Patissiers in Hong Kong. It is a pretty good book and the recipes are translated into english. Amongst those recipes I found a couple that I would like to try. The first project that I wanted to try is the Citron and Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake. Well… I am actually combining to recipes from two different HK chefs, nonetheless the flavours are same to the orginal recipe. The two chefs that inspired me was Titan Tsang and Tong Wong. What is so unique about this recipe is that it uses a lemon/lime curd to make the cheesecake.

To start off, I first made the dacquoise.
I then made the raspberry mousse
-measure the raspbery puree, sugar, cream cheese, whipped cream and gelatin
-soak the gelatin and warm up the puree
-add the sugar and gelatin in the puree
-mix the puree into the cream cheese
-fold in the whipped cream
To partially assemble, place the dacquoise disk into the bottom of the pan and pour in the mousse and set in the fridge.

The lemon curd mousse came next for the cheesecake.
-To make this curd, I measured the lemon and lime juice, sugar and eggs.
– boil the lemon juice and lime juice, take out heat, and mixed it on to the eggs and sugar.
-place back on heat and co cook to 85C stirring constantly and add the gelatin.
-Remove from heat and cool
-Mix the mixture with the cream cheese and fold in the whipped cream
-Pour on top of the raspberry layer



Citron Dacquoise
180 g egg White
90 g sugar
160 g ground Amond (toasted)
125 g icing sugar
30 g cake flour
20 g lemon zest

Citron Cheese Mousse
160 ml lemon juice
20 ml lime juice
40 g egg yolk
150 g sugar
300 g cream cheese
300 ml whipping cream
5 sheets of gelatin

Raspberry Cheese Mousse
100 g Raspberry Puree
50 g Sugar
150 g Cream Cheese
150 g Whipping Cream
6 g Gelatin

Result: This is a pretty cake as the pink raspberry mousse offsets the white lemon curd mousse. The cake has a pronounced flavor in lemon. Very tangy and perfect for lemon lovers.

Valentines Weekend Celebrations

16 Feb

Valentines certainly came and gone nonetheless the gentlemen delivered. I was shopping at Thomas Haas the other day; it was like a zoo in there. The beloved pastry and chocolate store attracted hundreds of loyal fans all eagerly waiting for mouth watering pastries and beautifully hand made chocolates. Chocolate lovers, husbands, boyfriends etc had already formed a s-like line in the store by the time I arrived. Everyone’s hand had boxes delicately shaped heart chocolates; momentos of love for each other while staff hurried around to fulfill their special day. Smiles were all around and the store smelled like rich chocolate. One whiff and I was drunk this to elixir. pastry

In downtown Vancouver, cold tin empty flower buckets that once housed dozens of gorgeously scently long stemmed roses lined the shelves red-roses-from-randy Someone’s heart was melted that evening when smelling fragrant sweet scent of the deep coloured vibrant red roses. What a special day this was.

To celebrate this special day, I made some tarts. I first started off with the pate sucre recipe. I made the crusts and fill them with 3 different toppings. In comparison to other crusts, pate sucre was quite versatile. The crust had a nice crunch and made a lovely addition to the fillings. The first tart was the lemon meringue tart. I decided to be adventurous and did a yuzu/meyer lemon filling. Yuzu added a zing to the filling and as for the meringue, I chose to make an italian meringue.


The second tart contained a milk and white chocolate ganache while the third tart had a topping of fresh raspberries and pistachios.


Felder was my go to chef when making a pate sucre recipe. I found his recipe was quite crispy and light sweet. The key to his recipe was the icing sugar. Felder substituted granulated sugar with icing sugar which in turn results in a lighter pastry.

Lemond Curd Filling (adapted from Anna Olson)

1 cup sugar

¼ cup cornstarch

1 cup water

6 large egg yolks ( I used 4 large egg yolks)

½ cup fresh lemon juice ( I substituted yuzo and meyer lemon juice)

2 tablespoons unsalted butter (I opted out)

I also added 2 teaspoons of lemon zest.

In the end I was quite delighted how the tarts turned out. They were very beautiful and definitely head turners. I think I could just sit there admire them and drool away; but as with anything fresh baked tarts go fast so here comes my fork and tea.



Bon Appetit everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed their special day!!!

Lemon Meringue Tartlettes

3 Mar

Wow, finally some good weather after a couple days of rain and dampness.  In light of the better weather, and the fact that it’s the weekend I decided to make some tarts.  With the extra meyer lemons I found lying around in the fridge, I decided to make lemon meringue tartlettes.

I have been learning about Italian Meringue and used it in the macaron baking but decided to use it in the lemon meringue pie.  We used it in pastry school and in my opinion found that it was less likely to seep out sugary water after baking or blow torching.  Yes, blow torching, guess that is the new convenient thing to caramelize sugar these days.

I first started out with the shell using a pate sable crust.  I altered the recipe a bit and instead of using the full amount of flour recommended by Le Cordon Bleu found on this link.  I substituted 2/3 of the flour for roasted coconut.  I found the nuts added richness and complexity to the recipe.  Next I made the filling and instead of using lemons, I opted for myer lemons.  They could be found at any supermarket.  Myer Lemons were a cross between lemons and mandarins and tend to be less sour and more floral.  Once done, I poured them onto the cooled tart shells.


Next I prepared the meringue…I was quite disappointed that I got side tracked with something else as I let the sugar syrup cool when beating the egg whites that it crystallized when hitting the cooler bowl.  I’ll remember next time to pour it in when it was warmer.  The purpose of the sugar syrup was to cook the meringues and perhaps stabilize them a bit.  Nonetheless, I still piped it out and broiled it to caramelize the meringue topping.


I did not included the recipe for this tart as you could find recipes on lemon meringue pie anywhere.

Light and Fluffy Madeleines

3 Feb

I am bad, as I have been splurging on new toys.  On of those toys were madeleine molds and have wondered how to make them.  To put it quite simply they resembled miniature cakes.  Lazy me, I did not want to make another 8 inch cake this weekend because I am tired and did I say lazy already hehe….thus decided to try my hands at making Laduree’s Madeleines.   I had the madeleine mold already bought several weeks back and made them today.  Prior to making them, I looked a various recipes over the net to see options in flavorings and it seemed as though they were  just as versatile as cupcakes or macarons.

I first made the batter according to Laduree’s recipe but altered it by adding meyer lemon peels and to add a punch to the flavour I decided to add fresh raspberries.  Once the batter was done, I left the batter overnight.  This morning, I went about spooning the batter onto the molds.  A tip suggested by Laduree, butter and flour the molds first for easier removal.   I then baked the little cakes at 390F for approx 10 mins each and they looked spectacular once ready.  True to its words, the batter did take on the ridging of the molds and I was pleased with the results.


They were quite pillowy and light.  Another tip, was when you combine the sugar, lemon zest and eggs beat the mixture until it is light at frothy.  In this process air is incorporated.  Once the batter of sugar, zest and egg was light and foamy, add the honey and only then gently fold in the sifted flour and baking powder.  Lastly add the melted butter.


2 lemons unwaxed and zested ( I used meyer lemons)

3/4 cup + 1 tbsp or 160 g. sugar

1 1/2 cups + 1 tbsp or 175 g cake flour

2 tsp or 10 g baking powder

12 1/2 tbsp or 180 g butter

4 eggs

1 2/3 tsp or 35 g honey (I used acacia honey can be found at specialty stores)

Result:  The results were good and light.  An option would be that you could dust a bit of icing sugar to create contrast but plain was good as well.  Best eaten warm.  DSC_0167 If not eaten on the same day, the madeleines could be stored in an air tight container.  But as with anything, best when fresh.

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