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Ginger Milk Pudding

18 Aug

Finally I found a recipe to make one of the simplest yet delicious light desserts. In 2008, I went on a trip to China and was taken by a simple dessert, Ginger Milk Pudding. Luck me I ate it every chance I got. The dessert was best eaten warm or cold and my preference was cold.
It was basically a combination of steamed milk, sugar and ginger juice. The key ingredient in making the dessert was old ginger and it was the ginger’s starch and juice that reacted with proteins in the milk. The reaction causes coagulation and curdling of the milk proteins and results in a puddling like consistency.

Keys in Making Ginger Milk Pudding:

• Temperature is key steam the milk to 90 degrees celcius
• Old Ginger-the older the better as it has more starch
• After grating the ginger of its juice, let the juice settle so that the starch settles to the bottom (10-15 minutes)-it is white in consistency as to the yellow juice
• Temperature is again key let the steamed milk cool down to 80-85 celcius
• When pouring the milk into the ginger juice, make sure to pour it at 10-15 cm from the bowl with the juice in it-causing even distribution of the starch.
• Let the pudding cool and set firmly


Ginger Milk Pudding (recipe found here)

500 ml of fresh milk (I used 2% milk)
4 tsp of sugar
4 tsp of juice extracted from old ginger (see “method” below)

To prepare the ginger juice, use a knife and scrap off the exterior of the ginger and then grate the ginger. To obtain the most out of your ginger, squeeze the grated pulp for juice as well. Although the recipe called for 4 tsp of ginger juice, one actually needed more than 4 teaspoons to get enough starch to make the pudding. For me I probably juiced about 1/2 cup. Again the key was to let the juice settle and separate between starch and juice. Meanwhile boil the milk to 90 degrees celcius. At this point you could add in the sugar and allow the temperature to cool down to approx 80-85 celcius. While the milk was cooling, spoon approx 2 tsp. of starchy ginger juice into the bowls. When the milk has cooled to 85 degrees celsius, pour at a height of 10-15 cm into the bowls to eventually distribute and cook the ginger starch. Let the pudding cool and set.

Results: I finally found the recipe closest to the puddings I tried during my trip. Again it is nutritious after it was milk. As a note to individuals who would like to try it, if it did not set tweak the amount of juice. Enjoy.

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