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A Chinese Classic-Stuffed Peppers

1 Mar

Hello again to all my readers. Its been a while that I wrote anything about Chinese cuisine.much less something savory.  Our family is making them tonight so I thought to they would be a welcomed addition for the Chinese Cuisine Lovers. What is so special about this dish is the aroma that it produces when sauteed.   Wonderfully crispy on the edges yet soft and flavorful in the centre, it is a classic to make.

To make these beauties first make sure green peppers are readily available. Ohhh….I don’t know you could use any other colour but my family has historically used green all along. Wash them and split them in half. Next obtain some dace (fish paste) available at most chinese grocery stores. In this case it was T&T Supermarket. Season the dace paste with salt, pepper and chinese sausage and cornstarch. Mix the paste until all ingredients are combined.

To assemble them, arrange the peppers and smooth in cornstarch in the stomachs of the bell peppers. The cornstarch serves as an adhesive to the paste one is then going to add in the cavity of the bell pepper. Once all the bell peppers are stuffed, it is time for cooking.

In a medium frying pan, place the peppers bottom downwards to pan fry the dace paste in the cavities of the bell peppers.


Sautee until golden brown.  You will smell the aroma of the dace and peppers when done.


Once they are golden brown, it is time to make the sauce that goes on top of the stuffed bell peppers. Mix together soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt, cornstarch, oyster sauce and water. Simmer till thickened and pour over the sauteed stuff bell peppers.


Stuffed Bell Peppers

Green Bell Peppers

Dace Paste
Chinese Sausage
Dried Shrimp (optional)

Restults: Mmmmmmmmm….nothing beats the wonderful aroma of fresh pan fried bell peppers with dace paste. The chinese sausage certainly added more flavour to the dace paste and brought it up a notch. It is a family favorite that has spanned years thus from our family to yours, Bon Appetit!!!

A Winter Wonderland and Warm Pineapple fried Rice

25 Feb

What a beautiful and peaceful weekend it was. It was a rarity that Vancouver was blanketed by a thick layer of snow. The cold snowy weather really made my day as I relaxed and cozied up at Starbucks, sipping away at hot coffee and savouring a fresh baked croissant. Watching the snow make their way silently down to the street was quite relaxing. Every flake was quite different and each had a character of its own. Each danced, twirled, and floated as if they were part of a play. Off in the park, children were busily laughing away building snowman while others were gleefully tobogganing down the slopes amidst the backdrop of beautifully covered white evergreens. The air was crisp and the snow was cold but everyone enjoyed it. I certainly did. I have always liked walking down the street covered in snow while listening to the soft crunching of the snow underneath my feet and when the snow melts on face, I especially like the chill it sends up my spine. Quite peaceful….I certainly hope that Vancouver gets more of these weekends were everyone can slow down the enjoy the true beauty of mother nature.



After a cold day out admiring the snowfall, nothing helps warm up the tummy other than a nice bowl of steaming hot rice. In this case pineapple rice rice. Our family has always been a fan of Thai food. One of our favorites was the Pineapple fried rice. To make this dish I improvised a bit but I never forsaked the key ingredient in this dish, the fresh pineapple. Pineapples were quite delicious and juicy when ripe. They certainly added moisture and tang to any dish. To prepare the dish, I first bought a pineapple and diced up the flesh. Attention was placed to ensure that the shell was not broken as it was the centre piece. The shrimp, egg and Chinese sausage were sauteed first. Once these ingredients were cooked, the rice was fried and soy sauce was added for flavoring. The diced pineapple came last. To assemble, I ladled the rice onto the pineapple and voila pineapple fried rice.


Pineapple Fried Rice

3-4 bowls of rice
1 pineapple ripe and halved
1 bowl of shrimp
1 chinese sausage
2-3 eggs for scrambled eggs
soy sauce and salt both for flavouring

This dish was quite versatile to make and next time I think I might add ham or chicken or scallops to dress it up a bit. Nonetheless, no one can refuse a fresh bowl of steaming fried rice correct? 🙂

Bon Appetit!!! and a Happy Snowy Weekend to all.

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