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Market Hopping and Cherry Tart

25 Aug

The other day, a college buddy of mine dropped by with surprise goodies!! What else?  Chocolate!!!  Well with the extra abundance of goodies I got I decided to make a tart.  Now as we all know, besides me preaching how wonderful summer is and the abundance of fruit…ummm…its true.    Just strolling down the market is a blast walking down isles and isles of a rainbow; purple, red, orange, yellow, green, blue. Image  This time I chose crimson red and what do I get???  Cherries!!! What a good time it is as the markets are filled with them.  I don’t recall a market in town that doesn’t have them in stock.  In fact they looked quite nice and plump.  There were several kinds to choose from such as Bing, Rainer and local.  I just chose the local ones.  I’ve had both Rainer and local ones.  For me the real difference is the sweetness and texture.  The local cherries, more common, has a softer texture and a more pronounced taste whereas as the Rainer variety has a firmer texture and sweeter.  Its individual preference.  This time I bought local ones they were sufficient and looked quite fresh.I remembered that I had quite a bit of pistachio left in my stash all hidden in a safe place that I decided to make a Cherry Frangipan Tart.

For me, I have used both almonds and pistachios in making a frangipan tart but I found that pistachios when baked adds pleasant and delicate flavour to the pastry or tart in my case.  Almond you get the aroma but I found it is over shadowed by other ingredients involved.

I scoured the net and found a recipe worth sharing it is from http://www.tarteletteblog.com/.  She writes an amazing blog on desserts and actually I found my inspiration in writing blogs from reading hers.

Pistachio Frangipan adapted from Tartlett.

1 stick unsalted butter at room temperature

1/2 cup whole cane sugar (I used granulated sugar)

1 cup ground pistachios (I toasted my pistachios and ground them up)

2 eggs

1/4 cup heavy cream

Notes:  For me, I found that using cane sugar over whelms the rest of the other ingredients.  While it does produce a nice caramelized sugar cane taste, nonetheless I lost the delicate pistachio flavour hence I stuck to granulated sugar.  I also wanted to accentuate the pistachio flavour in the tart thus I toasted my pistachios and ground them up in a coffee grinder, a worthwhile contraption.  Having a coffee grinder grind the nuts, the end product I got was more refined and almost silk like in texture.  Good for use as a base for macarons.  As for the addition of whipped cream, I found that it gave the mixture just the right richness in flavour along with the butter.

The taste is quite nice, mildly sweet not too overwhelming.  I really liked the contrast in colours, green with little red jewels scattered about.  After a bite, I got a taste of the roasted pistachios complimented by the sweetness of the cherries.  Add a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy.

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