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Lovely Long Weekend and Truffles

5 Aug









As one could see I had an amazing long weekend filled with festivities. Normally I would write about it but as they say, a pictures worth a thousand words.
To top it off, I made chocolates again. Being enamored with chocolate from the very beginning. I always sought out ways to better improve myself thus I decided to toast the nuts and sesame seeds for a even better pronounced flavor. I also grounded up some freeze dried berries as well. The ganache was white chocolate rolled with an assorted of nuts and berries. What did I get? A colourful flavourful array of white chocolate truffles. Yum. ūüôā



White Chocolate
Toppings: Black Sesame, Almond, Coconut, Pistachio, Strawberry and Raspberry.

Looking forward to the rest of this long weekend.


Fireworks, Art and Blueberry Friands

30 Jul

My new best friends are the summer festivals in town, each with their own identities and personalities. This past weekend started with a bang and what a bang it was with the Honda Celebration of Lights. Nothing says summer better than a vibrant colourful display of pyrotechnics accompanied by wonderful music. I have been going on a yearly basis as far as my little pea sized brain can remember. Despite the swooning crowds, avid photographers, high mercury, bottlenecks, scampering feet, chattering and munching, I was not deterred. It lit up my heart, sniff sniff…:) and was highly regarded in all Vancouverites’ hearts as they gallantly raced down to the beach early to secure a coveted seat and admire the gorgeous sunset. Along the bay, one could see children splashing around the water while others built sand castles. Camaraderie and smiles were literally everywhere from ages young and old. For families and friends, nothing bonded like the Fireworks.



Along the quick and brisk walk, I noticed another piece of beautiful artwork. Sidewalk art was gaining popularity as artists gather around to showcase their talents. One piece really stood out. An exquisite piece of artwork, you could literally see the artists skills by the incredible and intricate detailing that went into the drawing. Each stroke was carefully placed to accentuate the features. Bravo to the artist.


Wow what an amazing weekend, can’t wait to see more fireworks.

As with always, I always bake on the weekends. This time I chose to make something with the blueberries I picked from my berry picking adventures. Like little superheroes, blueberries are packed with an powerful antioxidant punch. I can also safely say that you will not turn bluish-purple as in Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. High and low I searched and finally found a interesting blog with a wonderful recipe, Blueberry Friands.


Blueberry Friand Recipe(found here)

100 g butter
4 large egg whites
45 g plain flour ( I used 65 g organic flour)
140 g icing sugar ( I used 90 g icing sugar)
85 g almond meal (I toasted the almond and then ground it)
approx 40 g blueberries ( I used about 50 g)

Baked at 350F for about 25minutes.


I found the recipe quite delicious, light and delicately sweet. The little blueberries were the stars. In this recipe I chose organic flour. Needless to say, the chef was right. Fresher flour does make a big difference as it retained its moisture. Next time, I will probably combine it with all purpose flour and see the results. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Enjoy!!!

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