Chocolate Strawbery and Rasberry Mousse Cake

10 Mar

Yes another order birthday cake order!!! Imagine my delight as it was from a former club mate. Yes I have kept in touch with paddlers throughout the years. Dragonboating has gained momentum over the past few years within the Asian community in the lower mainland. In the recent years the sport’s popularity has even touched the hearts of the english speaking community as more local teams are forming. When one asked any paddler, their response would be that dragonboat was not just a sport but a community within itself as teams display comaradie, support, competition and sportmanship. Like all sports, there are tears of joy for triumph and disappointment for every heartwrenching win/lost by a hundredths of a second. Close friendships are forged by individuals as they endure long hours of grueling practices in the worst possible weather conditions imaginable such as rain, sleet and snow. Dragonboating was definitely not for the weak at heart as every piece of the practice requires power, determination and teamwork striving towards a common goal success.


In this order, I chose to make chocolate cake. I had always admired Asian pastry chefs and undoubtedly Tony Wong was amongst the best of him. Having made a previous recipe, this time I made his chocolate sponge cake recipe. Unless most chocolate cakes, Tony’s was chocolate cake was quite extraordinary as it required no baking powder and instead depended on the properties of the heated eggs themselves to leaven the cake.

To make the sabayon, first beat the egg and sugar until warm on top of a double boiler then use a electric mixer to whip the warm mixture until frothy and double in volume. This method incorporated air into the mixture and at the same time released the oil from the egg yolks allowing them to reach their full potential. By doing so, the product would be light, moist and fluffy. Next, sifted flour was added in with the cocoa and oil to the mixture. I can’t emphasize the importance of not using a mixer as it will deflate the air that was already incorporated. Once everything was fully incorporated, bake the sponge cake at 350F for 25 minutes.

For the filling, I created a strawberry/raspberry chocolate mousse made from picked berries. I first soaked the gelatin and heated up the puree. While chocolate and gelatin was then added into the puree. The whipped cream was last to be added. I then finished the mousse layer off with some freshly sliced strawberries. Vola, here was the finished product.


Chocolate Sponge Cake:

As one could find versions of chocolate cake everywhere, I have left out the recipe. True to his words, Tony’s verson was a keeper; the cake was moist, rich and light. Happy Baking!!!


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