Pear and Chestnut Financiers

15 Dec

Christmas baking was now in full swing. I already had a baking list to do and am continually adding projects onto it. The latest addition to the list was Chestnut financiers. Beaucoup Bakery recently promoted a chesnut financier made with chestnut honey. This served as motivation for me to bake some financiers as well. Traditional financiers often use ground almonds or hazelnuts, as I loved chestnuts, I included some toasted ground chestnuts into the mix. Pears were also added for a lovely light flavour. 🙂

To make the financiers, butter was first browned. Next I measured the icing sugar, flour, egg whites, almond and chestnut. The egg whites were beaten to foamy soft peak. When the whites were at soft peak stage, add in the sifted flour and icing sugar. Incoporate the ground almonds and chesnuts next. Lastly add in the browned butter. To assemble the financiers, scoop the batter into silicone molds and alternate with batter, pear and chestnut puree. Bake at 335F for approx 25 minutes until one could see the financiers puff up.



Pear and Chestnut Financiers

120 g butter
4 large egg whites
80 g plain flour
80 g icing sugar
100 g ( 50 g almond meal and 50 g toasted ground chestnut)
25 g chestnut puree
approx 40 g pear

Results: I found the texture quite nice. The pear complimented the lightness in taste and the puree boosted the chestnut flavour of the financier. My only regret was the number of stairs I need to climb daily to burn off this excess calorie intake. Ohhh well, its Christmas and the holidays.

Let the baking and holiday cheer begin !!!!

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